Code of Practice:

We set standards for ourselves in following a Code of Practice which provides the basis for best practice in the daily operations of the education and training services we offer.

We focus on ensuring ongoing compliance to the requirements outlined within the VET Quality Framework and the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Our commitment to our clients:

First Intervention is committed to the ongoing delivery of professional and ethical standards of training and assessment services provided to all course participants.

Our policies and procedures embrace standards of quality with regards to the:

  • Learning environment / facilities in which training is conducted
  • Tailoring of specialised programs to meet client needs
  • Methods, materials and resources used, ensuring they are appropriate to the learning assessment needs of all course participants so that all are given fair and equitable consideration
  • Manner in which assessments are conducted, to ensure they meet the endorsed components of relevant Training Package(s) and/or accredited courses
  • Guidelines we follow to monitor and assess the performance and progress of all course participants
  • Provision of accurate information concerning our course fees, charges, refunds and methods of payment so you know what you’re committing to prior to enrolment
  • Marketing and advertising material we provide to prospective clients, ensuring it’s accurate, ethical and provides key information
  • Adherence to the national and state compliance requirements set by the Vocational Education and Training sector, the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), the Australian Qualification Skills Authority (ASQA) and any other relevant industry or regulatory requirements

Our commitment to education and training includes:

Access & Equity – to ensure an equitable environment for all people at all times, treating people in a manner that is both ethical and responsible and without discrimination or harassment. To provide a dedicated learning environment within the scope of our operations and to be available to offer vocational support and information within our fields of expertise.

Privacy – to ensure compliance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 2000 and all information privacy principles in the provision of services to clients.

Complaints, Appeals & Grievances – to ensure all situations are dealt with in a fair and constructive manner, with respect to all parties involved.

Recognition for Subject Exemption – to ensure all prospective course participants are provided with information that clearly outlines the conditions and requirements that relate to their abilities to apply for Recognition or Prior Learning (RPL), Recognition of Current Competency (RCC), Credit Transfer (CT) or National Recognition (NR).

Competence of Staff – to ensure all our trainers and assessors have the minimum qualifications and experience of a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and share their knowledge and experience of the most up-to-date and relevant information on industry practices and protocols.

Our staff are encouraged to continuously engage with industry to maintain and update their knowledge and skills to reflect current industry best practice.

In addition, many of our specialised Workplace First Aid short courses and all our Patient Transport/Pre-Hospital Care courses are run by trainers with current and extensive experience in the community as Health Care professionals, Paramedics or Nurses.

Issuing AQTF Qualifications and Statements of Attainment – to ensure all course participants who are assessed as competent and are issued an AQTF Qualification or Statement of Attainment have met the minimum outcomes and standards set out in the Australian Qualifications Framework.

We undertake to maintain professional business operations that:

  • Provide a working environment that is supportive to all parties, free of discrimination and harassment
  • Demonstrate commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement in all facets of the business
  • Provide an opportunity for ongoing feedback from our stakeholders – staff, students, clients and industry and that we utilise this feedback to constructively measure business performance and guide ongoing improvements
  • Ensure the appropriate transition management of superseded units or qualifications within 12 months of their publication on the National Register
  • Ensure the delivery of only currently accredited courses
  • Comply with all relevant Commonwealth, State or Territory legislation
  • Comply with all regulatory requirements relevant to its intended scope of registration
  • Retain client records for a period of 30 years with relation to the issue of statements of attainment and qualifications
  • Ensure the provision of learner completions of competency and qualifications as determined by the National VET regulator

(Code of Practice Extract)

Our Training Philosophy

Our training is delivered by qualified professionals who excel in their fields of expertise, ensuring that we are providing you with the highest standards of knowledge and skills supported with up-to-date and relevant industry practices and protocols.

First Intervention delivers courses at a time and location to suit your needs. Specific or continuing education programs can also be developed to meet the operational requirements of your organisation.

First Intervention’s training is conducted with leading edge equipment and delivered utilising technology such as computer simulation manikins.  Flexible learning modes incorporate the use of workbooks and e-learning activities, giving the learner a wider access to course resources and assessment activities. Practical skills sessions are incorporated where appropriate to enhance learner outcomes.

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