First Intervention has been providing consulting services in Australia and internationally over the past ten years. Our team members are specialist practitioners in the areas of First Aid, Paramedics, Early Childhood Education and Care, and have been assisting organisations with creating and improving their workforces and workplaces.

First Intervention can assist companies through:

Reviewing your training strategy, plans, policies and procedures

Providing advice on how to meet relevant Standards, Acts and Codes of Practice

Assisting with training and assessment

Assisting with the sourcing of Patient Transport/Pre-Hospital Care personnel to assist ventures in remote and offshore locations including Paramedics, Registered Medical Officers or Emergency Service Officers.

Your company will be secure in the knowledge that it is both compliant with legal obligations and providing the best, most ethical and cost effective first aid and emergency medical care possible.

First Intervention is committed to assisting organisations in creating a skilled workforce and a safer workplace.